Trompe L’Oreille | 2.18.2014 | 8pm

Daniel Rothman


Clarence Barlow Until version 8 for piccolo and sine tone
Claire Chenette surprise
Daniel Rothman Yes, Philip, Androids Dream Electric Sheep for clarinet with resonance filtering
Mark Trayle Unstable Horn for French horn and custom electronics
Daniel Rothman Sequoia for bassoon and multichannel sound installation (pre-premiere)


Daniel Rothman brings friends together to celebrate an eclectic evening for dismembered woodwind quintet — works for each of its members who journey off through his imagined spaces and those they meet along the way.

Perhaps best known in Los Angeles as a tireless advocate of art and artists in all disciples (check out his current show at Torrance Art Museum), his own work is more frequently heard abroad, where it has been commissioned and recorded by radio houses throughout Europe. His chamber opera, Cézanne’s Doubt, recorded on New World Records, was supported by the NEA and Rockefeller Foundation, and premiered at the Stierischer Herbst, followed by performances at Merkin Hall (NY) and LACMA (LA). Yes, Philip, Androids Dream Electric Sheep — which will be heard this evening with Brian Walsh and Scott Cazan, was commissioned by Pro Musica Nova Bremen and recorded on Los Angeles River Records with Mark Trayle (electronics), whose Unstable Horn will be heard performed by Zara Teicher. The program will open with Clarence Barlow’s Until in its piccolo version and a surprise offering from Claire Chenette.


Christine Tavolacci
Brian Walsh
Scott Cazan
Zara Teicher
Mark Trayle
Archie Carey
Claire Chenette