Gloria Cheng – The Intrepid Harpsichord

Grammy winning pianist Gloria Cheng brings her custom-made blue and red harpsichord to Monk Space for a concert featuring music that is both adventurous and eclectic. Includes the music of West Coast composers Lou Harrison, Sally Mosher, Veronika Krausas, Carolyn Yarnell, and Karen Tanaka, plus harpsichord mainstays Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Louis Couperin, and György Ligeti.

The Intrepid Harpsichord

Lou Harrison: Six Sonatas for Cembalo (1943)

Sally Mosher: Out of the Silence (2003)

Veronika Krausas: L’Ombre du luth (2013)

Carolyn Yarnell: Prelude (1984)

Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre: Prelude in A minor (1687)

Karen Tanaka: Jardin des Herbes (1989)

Louis Couperin: Suite in C major (c. 1650)

György Ligeti: Hungarian Rock [Chaconne] (1978)

J.S. Bach: Chaconne in D minor, from Violin Partita BWV 1004, transcr. Brahms (1719/1877)