Hocket and Wiest/Lee: A Phenomenal Hum in Cracked Time

Two superb ensembles come together to present a concert featuring new art songs by Souther California composers and works for piano, toy piano, and synthesizer, and video projection.

Set One

title: DAWN | Kirsten Ashley Wiest and Siu Hei Lee

Jack Van Zandt: Apples and Time Crack in October (2015)
I. Apples and Time Crack in October
II. A Poem Sat
III. The Nightingale
IV. Helen’s Invocation

Bill Alves: A Sonatina (2016)

Jeffrey Holmes: Fragments (2010)
I. Horumque visum contegas
II. Fera pessima
III. Stella Maris
IV. Qui Lux Es et Dies

György Ligeti: Mysteries of the Macabre (1991)

Set Two

title: A LAND BETWEEN | Hocket (Thomas Kotcheff and Sarah Gibson)

Bryan Kostors — A Land Between for video projection, piano, moog synthesizer, keyboard, and toy piano *world premiere
Joseph Michaels — Together in Perfect Harmony for piano four-hands *west coast premiere
Tonia Ko — Phenomenal Hum

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