the Formalist Quartet presents music from the Cold Blue record label

Crazy Quilt

The Formalist Quartet performs strikingly alluring music by Peter Garland, David Rosenboom, and Stephen Whittington—including a world premiere and a US premiere.


Music for Airport Furniture - Stephen Whittington
*United States premiere

Hymn of Change - David Rosenboom (arr. Andrew Tholl)

String Quartet No. 4: Crazy Quilt - Peter Garland
*World Premiere

 Concert Program

Cold Blue Music LogoAbout Cold Blue Music

Cold Blue Music is a record label known for, among other things, its focus on West Coast composers and distinctively sensual new music. For the past fifteen years (as during its short-lived initial incarnation in the early-mid 1980s), it has released music by many composers, including John Luther Adams, Michael Byron, Rick Cox, Michael Jon Fink, Jim Fox, Peter Garland, Daniel Lentz, Ingram Marshall, Larry Polansky, Chas Smith, James Tenney, and Stephen Whittington. (“I don't see the point in art that doesn't take any risks. Fortunately, Cold Blue does that for us, and does it all the time.”—Harold Budd)

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