T@MS and MicroFest

Beyond 12

Aron Kallay and Andrew McIntosh present a joint recital of microtonal solo works for the violin and the digitally retuned keyboard, featuring works by Los Angeles composers. This evening is a co-presentation with MicroFest, now in it's 19th year of bringing microtonality to Southern California audiences.

Kyle Gann
Fugitive Objects (2007)
-retuned piano-
Marc Sabat
Intonation after Morton Feldman I, from Les Duresses (2004)
-solo violin-
Eric Moe (2014)
The Weasel of Melancholy
-retuned piano-
Johann Joseph Vilsmayr
Partita IV, from Six Partitas (1715)
-solo baroque violin in scordatura-
Holland Hopson (2014)
A History of Elevators in Film
-retuned piano-
Marc Sabat
Two Commas, from Les Duresses (2004)
-solo violin-
Alex Miller (2014)
The Blur of Time and Memory
-retuned piano-


Note: This concert will be held on Tuesday June 28th. Earlier listings may show June 14th, but the concert was rescheduled to June 28th.